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profielfoto Floor van Wensen



and I am the proud owner of Dobbel de Dice. I run a sole proprietorship and make my own versatile dice for the game called Dungeons and Dragons. I owe this addiction to my good friends who introduced me to this game. You need versatile dice to play it, but I was a bit tired of the standard sets you can buy.

That's why I started creating my own set of dice. This obsession has gotten a bit out of hand and now I have my own webshop!


I make dice with resin epoxy and here I put all kinds of things. Such as glitter, dyes, ink, flowers, stones and so on. You can actually process everything you want in it. This makes it super fun! Because I process all materials manually, my dice are never exactly the same. This makes it personal and unique. This also means that they will never be perfect. They are not products from a factory, so there may be irregularities in them. Personally I think this is a bit part of it, but I try to make them as good as possible of course! The dice are made with love and fun for you and hopefully you will enjoy them as much as I do.



Look around and hopefully there is something that suits you!

For more information about my work you can go to my blog.

Get discount if you already have some custom dice made by me. See the commissions page for more information

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